Amerivespa 2012 was really, really fun

I expected Amerivespa 2012 to be a good time and it didn’t disappoint. I got to meet Bryan from 2StrokeBuzz, the infamous POC Phil, and finally got to shake hands with ScooterFile’s own Eric Almendral. For four days, Lake Geneva was the center of American scooter culture and it showed. There were scooters of every size and flavor, and scooter fans of every demographic imaginable. If anything, Amerivespa is a great reminder of the amazing diversity of not just scooters, but scooter owners. There is no single prototypical scooterist.

Next year, the event will be held in the San Diego area, and if you didn’t make it out to this year’s event, let me just take a moment and encourage you to go in 2013. It’s a must-go event for a scooter fan. Peruse the vendors. Go on the big group rides. Participate in the gymkhana. Get involved.

And don’t let the name fool you. The event is called Amerivespa, and it’s put on by the Vespa Club of America, but this is hardly a Vespa event. It’s a scooter event. While the Piaggio family was well represented at this year’s event, there were swarms of Buddy 125s, loads of terrific ’80s Honda Elites, Zumas, Vinos, custom Ruckuses (Rucki?), antique Cushmans, and plenty of great vintage Lambrettas. It’s just a name. It might as well be Ameriscooter, or as Eric so aptly put it, “Sturgis for dorks.”

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