Cezeta’s vintage 501 and 502 inspire the new Cezeta type 506

Ecclesiastes 1:9 ~ What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again. The style and charm of the vintage Types 501 and 502 inspire the new Cezeta’s Type 506. Yes, Čezeta is back

Neil Eamonn Smith fell in love while attending a wedding in the Czech Republic shortly after moving to the central European country from his native Britain. “You should never upstage the bride on the wedding day but the motorbike was must amazing,” Smith says on seeing his first Cezeta scooter in 1998. “I said what is that? I was with a friend and he said it was a Cezeta, a ‘pig’ – or ‘prase’ as they call it…

I was instantly in love with her, it was a fantastic thing and I bought one.”

This lead to buying and restoring old scooters to replace their combustion engines with electric motors. Neil leads construction and testing of the new Type 506 Cezeta, through further development and prototyping to enable the new scooters to comply with current EU standards. The current plan is to hand manufacture 1,000 scooters in 2016.


Some of the changes being incorporated are:
• Eu law requires front and rear disc brakes and ABS so the development team are working on replacing the old drum brakes with something like this disc brake setup.

• The original scooters used a monocoque structure. The downside being it is expensive to stamp and weld steel bodies. After pricing, the original monocoque construction turned out to be way too expensive to produce. Hence, production models of the Cezeta 506 will consist of  an aluminum space frame and a composite body shell.


• The batteries are Lithium Iron Yttrium Phosphate (LiFeYPO4), which are safe, ecologically friendly and can be recycled and come with a lifetime at 100% of 10 yrs or 200,000km
Capacity 3,5kWh 5kWh 7,5kWh
Nominal voltage 72V 72V 72V
Range 60km 90km 130km

• A built-in charger means allows the rider to recharge from any 110V-240V AC socket.

• The electric motor is being designed to produce 8kW (10.7 BHP) continuously and 11kW (14.7 BHP) peak and 215NM (158 lb ft) torque– ten times the torque of a Vespa GTS 300, with the direct drive adding additional benefit by removing any gearbox losses.

• Up to 11kW power, the type 506 will be fast enough to use on highways – capable of being ridden at 90-110 km/h
– Nominal 4kW 5kW 6kW 8kW
– Boost 6kW 7kW 8kW 11kW
– Top Speed 60km/h (37.2 MPH) 80km/h (49.7 MPH) 100km/h (62.1 MPH) 120km/h (74.5 MPH)

• A longer swing arm for more stability.

• The connection to the battery pack cage and sizing will allow flexibility to upgrade packs in the future as new battery technologies develop

• Larger 13 inch wheels for more stability at speed replace the original 12″ wheels, this requires only small changes to the body and fork and won’t affect the overall geometry.

• Some slight simplifications to remove the parts like the side ventilation that is not longer required.


• Making other parts like the front rack as accessory options.

Cezeta 506_Side02
Cezeta 506_Side01
Length: 200cm / Wheel base: 134cm
Seat Height: 78cm / Light height: 15cm
Wheels: 13″
Weight: 130kg (without battery)

These changes will make the whole package more user friendly.

Not that there was anything with the original models which continue to be seen throughout eastern Europe, where they are arguably far more popular than other classic scooters such as Vespas.
Cezeta Management Team
Other members of the team bringing the Cezeta 506 to market are:
• 100% Italian, an experienced sales manager, Massimo Polselli. Massimo’s goal is to make the new Cezeta a luxury status symbol for those who love to stand out from the others.
• One of the Czech Republic’s leading motorcycle journalists and Enduro riders for over 10 years, Matej Oliva. Matej loves the challenge of bringing Cezeta to the worldwide market once more.

The original manufacturer of the Čezeta scooter was the Česká Zbrojovka Strakonice (ČZ) company, once part of the world’s largest manufacturer of two-stroke motorcycles. From 1957 until 1963, approximately 115,000 scooters were produced (in two types, 501 and 502) and sold throughout the world.

Cezeta Original_01
An additional 4,000 were manufactured under license in New Zealand by JNZ Manufacturing Ltd, after aquiring an import license.

Imported Cezeta scooters were assembled with local content under the name ‘NZeta’. High import duties were placed on imported motor vehicles and assembly of the scooters in country reduced the import cost and duty. To meet the requirement of in excess of 25% local content in the first 2 years not only labour, paint and tyres were sourced locally, but New Zealand manufactured and supplied components were used, including mufflers, exhausts, handlebars and chrome plating of parts including the fuel tank.


Additional features being built in to the new model are:
The 506 uses the same type of battery as Tesla cars use. If looked after properly, tests indicate a peak life of 2000 cycles over 10 years, after which performance drops but is still useable. The pack is maintenance free and will fully charge from empty in 4.5 hours. Charging is completely automatic, just plug it in and leave it. It will turn itself off (fail safe system) when fully-charged.

A battery power meter in the instrument panel reads just like a petrol gauge. There is a backup volt meter under the seat also informing you of the total voltage available. To further warn you that you are running low, there is a red warning light that will flash when capacity is low.
As a part of the Čezeta revival, smartphone technological solutions is being included.



Apps will allow you to conveniently reprogram the speed and acceleration, check out the nearest charging stations or listen to your favourite music via built-in bluetooth speakers.
Storage space includes 2 front pockets with removable lids, lockable underseat storage, a front storage rack and a hook for bags.
All scooters are guaranteed for 3 years / 45 000 km for parts.
Cezeta PAV Touring Trailer

Options such as PAV40 trailer, leather pannier bags, front windshield, white wall tyres, Smartphone holder/charger, and custom paint will be available on request.

A no obligation waiting list has been established for those interested in being one of the first to own the new model.
There is no fee for joining the waiting list and you can remove yourself at anytime. More information here.

Čezeta will have a stand and test rides at EICMA – November 10-13, 2016 in Fiera Milano RHO (Milan Convention Center)

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