SIP Scooter Shop and Butcher Garage combine to create Project Esc

From the first day of existence the Butcher garage workshop started working with SIP Scootershop. At first they ordered details indirectly through the president of SPb Vespa Club, later the Moscow Vespa Club. A few years ago their dream of possibly constructing a scooter with full access to the SIP catalog (at the Butcher Garage workshop for fun call it “Bible”) seemed unachievable. Butcher Garage have their dream project this winter season work on a joint project “Esc” with SIP Scootershop!

The project was a “scrambler” conversion of a Vespa PX. The project was announced in the SIP magazine, and included some pre-fabrication sketches of what the completed project will look like.

Scooter Cross events are held around the world and that was the logical place to see what the guys from Butcher Garage might do to to complete the build modifications. There is a world of difference and budgets out there, when it comes to grabbing a Vespa and thrashing it around a dirt track…

One example found was on a For Sale site in Australia. Damien Harris from Adelaide, South Australia’s built a Vespa cut down cross. He started with a VNA frame, added a VNB6 motor with Dr 177cc, 24mm dellorto (Spaco), Simonini racing exhaust with carbon-Kevlar silencer, PX front end, cross tread and SIP fast flow tap.

Great fun no doubt – but a bit mild for Butcher Garage. Next was found on the Ciao Cross Club site in Italy.

Renzo (thebest) built the following using an ET3 base with a sub frame to move the engine and raise the chassis. This is getting closer to the SIP project sketches. Engine is a 130 cc with Polini double inlet, ATM 186 Mazzucchelli crankshaft, 24/61 DE with clutch discs and 4 polini spring, and VHB 24 with cone filter. The stand out feature on this build is the front and rear Brembo disc brakes.


But we do not need to leave it all to speculation, Butcher Garage and SIP Scootershop have been sharing details and images of the build. So what do we know?
The front suspension of Project Esc uses aftermarket, pitbike forks and suspension (correct weight and length necessary for the project). The wheelbase, rake & trail parameters have been worked through with all welding completed by Butcher Garage’s regular collaborator Metal///DIY )

The engine mount to the frame has had to be redesigned for Project Esc. The rear was redesigned to create the desired 120mm vertical travel, and the geometry of the suspension changed from vertical spring and shock absorber to horizontal mounted progressive linkage, with polyurethane and bronze bushings on the axle. Butcher Garage were able to use a PX suspension link in the new design of coil springs, with oil dampened fully adjustable spring preload.


The parcels of parts for the Esc project have started to arrive from SIP Scootershop, removing some of the guesswork as to what will included in the finer details of the build. The exhaust will be a SIP Performance Curly from the SIP catalogue: SIP Performance Curly.



Instead of standard paintwork, Project Esc is being given an acid based treatment of the metal surface with iron chloride which ensures a suitable, indestructible look.


The build continues to evolve and excite, and as always Butcher garage are pushing the boundaries and making the unconventional look conventional. Stay tuned for more updates as the project reaches completion.

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