Royal Alloy Grand Tourer Metal Bodied Classic

Royal Alloy are on their way to North America, scheduled to arrive end of June/early July and be distributed by a Genuine Scooters dealership near you.

Genuine has been putting riders (and smiles!) on scooters for more than fifteen years.

Royal Alloy is a quality scooter that has been, and is selling well in other locations around the world, and brings real value for money to the table while enhancing the experience for the rider. Taking the retro scooter scene forward with a fresh vision for the mainstream and enthusiast in equal measures, a punchy SOHC engine beats at the heart of the Grand Tourer 150 (GT150) metal bodied classic, giving it more than enough power for the majority of users.

• Engine model 1P57QMJ, 1 cylinder horizontal
• Engine size 149.6cc 4-Stroke, Air-Cooled
• Max Power 10.7 HP (8.0 kW) @8000 rpm
• Transmission Automatic (CVT)
• Overall Size 72.6” (1845mm) x 26.4” (670mm) x 43.9” (1115mm)
• Dry Weight 265 lbs
• Seat Height 30.3″
• Braking Dual Hydraulic Discs with CBS
• 12″ Alloy Wheels, combined with 110/70/12 front & 120/70/12 rear profile tires
• Ignition System CDI
• Electric Start
• Cargo Rack Mounted with Billet Aluminium Brackets [max payload of 11 lbs (5kg)] • Front Luggage Box (glove box) [max payload of 11 lbs (5kg) in the luggage box] • Adjustable Dual Front Suspension
• Integrated LED Turn Signals
• “Buddy Seat” Allowing Passenger Comfort
• Pop Out Passenger Foot Pegs
• USB Charging Port & Phone Storage
• Digital Instrumentation
– Speedometer & Tachometer
– Odometer & Trip
– Fuel & Voltage Meters
– Indicator Lights
• Colors High Class Grey, Ivory, Ocean Blue

A generous 54.7” (1390mm) wheelbase, gives a sturdy responsive feel that belies the value for money price.

Scooter riders love to personalise these machines and there is already an abundance of racks, protection, screens, mats and engine and transmission tuning parts available internationally that may not be available immediatly, but I am sure will soon be available from North American suppliers.

The GT150 will be available on limited dealer floors starting at the end of June early July.
The MSRP is $3,499.

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