Smart Turn System (STS) Unboxing

Compact, sturdy

We last heard from the crew at STS in March of 2016, with what sounded like a system that was going to be too good to be true. After a delay to get it just right, STS commenced production of the system and I was lucky enough to be selected to try it out. Sure enough, look what landed on my door step late last year. It’s the Smart Turn System, a turn and forget system that senses when the turn has completed and cancels the signal.

As I wrote back then, the Smart Turn System is a plug in module that goes between your stock turn signal activation switch and the turn signals. The box allows you to initiate a turn signal normally and then automatically detects when the turning event is over and cancels the signal for you. It could be great for riding in traffic and out in the country, especially if you have different bikes and scoots like I do. I really hate when I leave my turn signal on, and the STS looks like a great solution to that.

After the STS arrived, I reached out to verify it’s compatibility with scooters. I’m happy to report that Urska, a representative of STS, applied in the affirmative. She said that it’s compatible with any scooter or motorcycle that has a mechanical turn signal switch, and provided me with the steps for a simple test to determine if your scooter or motorcycle has a mechanical switch.

She told me to:
1. Turn off the engine of the scooter and remove the key
2. Turn on a turn signal indicator and leave it on
3. Place the key back in the ignition switch and turn the ignition on
4. If the turn signal starts blinking, the scoot has a mechanical switch and is compatible with STS

I finally got around to unboxing the STS and decided to share the excitement. Soon it will go on my 2014 Honda CTX motorcycle (sorry!), but my experience should be applicable to modern Vespas, Kymcos and Syms, in addition to anything that is 12-volt and has a mechanical turn signal switch. Take a look, and wish me luck in the install. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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