This Week in Scooters: Feb 2-8, 2014

With snow falling on us here in Chicago as I type this, it’s felt like a very indoor week here at ScooterFile. Yet for all the cold weather blah, this week saw some of the most fun content we’ve ever shared.

We kicked off the week with Vespa the Resistance 24H, a believe-it-or-not 24 hour endurance race for scooters in Spain. This year will mark its third running. It’s not just run down at the local big box store parking lot either, but at a proper race course, the Zuera International Circuit.

Our next two stories were tough to top. First we shared videos and photos of Randy Grubb’s Decopods, the ingenious art deco aluminum enclosures built over top of Piaggio Fly 150 and MP3 250 scooters. A set of 12 scooters total, each Decopod is slightly different, yet the overall teardrop design remains consistent. Hand made from sheets of aluminum over a wooden form (or “buck” as it’s called), the Decopods are simply delightful and an absolute inspiration. Interested in building your own? I certainly am, and lucky for me Randy has shared big parts of his process in this behind-the-scenes video of the Decopods and other projects.

Returning from Randy’s Oregon to our local Chicago, we got to go hands-on with some of the aluminum parts of Vespa’s brand new flagship scooter, the 946. We were impressed with how substantial these parts turned out to be and were left scratching our heads wondering why there was any plastic on this scooter at all.

The first of January saw a new “hands free” law go into effect in the state of Illinois and that had us wondering. We know distracted driving is as dangerous or worse than drunk driving, then why not treat the two the same. We posed that very question in this editorial story, and even pondered a few solutions of our own to the problem of distracted driving.

Lastly, we found this gorgeous little custom Honda Super Cub from a shop in Germany called Seidl. All blacked out and bad ass, this little scootercycle is much more sinister than its original form.

As always, head over to our Latest News page for our most recent stories. Thanks for reading!

Photo Credit: Flickr

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