This Week In Scooters: Feb 16-22

It’s been a busy week at ScooterFile HQ, but the news never stops. This week saw some significant editorial content from us, some amazing gallery finds, and yet another key tool that scooter fans can use in making their next scooter purchase decision. Let’s get into the week that was.

We kicked off this week with a new look at an old favorite. We shared a gallery of photos of Carlos Albertos now infamous wooden Vespa. And yes, it runs and rides. Now a lot of you have probably seen photos of this creation in passing, but check out the in-progress photos. It’s just as remarkable to see how this thing was built as to see the finished result.

Ask ScooterFile is a new feature where we tackle questions from you, the ScooterFile audience. This first question was from David and was asking for an unconventional two-wheel comparison: the Moto Guzzi V7 vs. the BMW C-Series scooters. We gave our answer, but we’d still love for you to chime in with yours.

It wouldn’t be a complete week on ScooterFile without some watch-worthy video. We found this video of two Piaggio Ape fans touring the Piaggio museum and couldn’t not share it. Their enthusiasm is something we can definitely appreciate.

This week we also re-shared one of our earliest review, a first ride of the SYM Symba. It’s a charming little machine to say the least.

It was a bit of a strange week for the world’s most well-known scooter brand, as Vespa left us scratching our heads in two different ways. First, was this strangely conceived print ad campaign from Vespa Israel where apparently Vespa thinks nerds aspire to be hipsters. We then learned that Vespa has partnered with beauty company Coty to release their own Vespa-branded line of perfume.

San Francisco-bound scooter fans have an interesting transportation option available from the Scoot Networks service — a vehicle sharing company where 100% electric scooters can be activated via smartphone and used for your get ’round town needs. The service currently offers 50cc equivalent electric scoots, but plans to expand into more powerful machines, as well as into other urban markets in 2014.

For those who can’t get enough of compelling scooter photography, we found “We Are The Riders” — a photography blog all about the people who ride. The photos are simply amazing.

This week we rolled out what we hope will be a big help for anyone in the market to buy a new scooter. We tracked down all the warranty information for the major scooter brands available in the US, including who offers roadside assistance and who doesn’t. In addition, we go into what is and isn’t covered in most warranties, how not to void your warranty, and tips on dealing with your dealer. It’s our ScooterFile Guide to New Scooter Warranties.

Last thing this week was an announcement that ScooterFile is now on Instagram. Yeah, yeah, another social network, but Instagram is actually pretty terrific. It lets us share the photos we take and the photos we find in a way that makes them really easy to enjoy. So if you haven’t already, be sure to follow us on Instagram.

Photo Credit: Flickr

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