This Week in Scooters: Feb 9-15

It’s been a very interesting week here at ScooterFile, with lots of surprises.

Hero RNT Diesel Hybrid Scooter

The week kicked off with the RNT, a concept scooter from Indian manufacturer Hero. Rather than some sort of outlandish aesthetic, what makes this concept scooter unique is its utility. Featuring a 125cc turbo-diesel engine, a front hub motor electric hybrid drive, a removable headlight you can use as a flashlight (torch), and even the ability to run as an emergency power generator. That’s just the start. Will it see production? Time will tell.

Honda Forza 300 - 01 Suzuki Burgman 200 - 05

This week also saw two first looks at new scooters coming on to the market. The first was the Honda Forza 300, and the second was the Suzuki Burgman 200. Both scooters are similarly sized, but the differences between the two are very indicative of these two Japanese manufacturers and the unique way each approaches a midsize scooter.

Chicago Alderman Prefers Scooter

We had an unusual rider profile this week, featuring Chicago 40th District Alderman Patrick O’Connor, who loves to get around his district on a Genuine Roughhouse 50 scooter. Seems fitting given that Genuine is based out of Chicago.

Pink Scooter

In another story from India, we learned that scooter sales are surging among women, who see the independence of two wheels as a much safer prospect than taking public transportation. With sexual assault a very real threat on India’s busses, these women are taking their safety into their own hands, ironically, in a way that most Americans think of as very dangerous: scooters.

Winter Scarab

With some hope of spring finally on the horizon, we shared this story from Ron Arnold, the Detroit Scooter Examiner. Ron gives us some great tips of how to keep one’s sanity while snowed in and separated from one’s favorite scooter.


On Valentine’s Day, we shared Amerivespa’s Buy-one-get-one-free offer for 2014 registration. As of this posting, that offer has expired, but it was still a fun chance to bring your favorite pillion along for free.


We rounded out the week with this story from travel site Wild About Travel about the Vespa Museum in Italy. While most photos you see from the Vespa museum feature the truly oddball creations like the salt flat racer and the artillery piece, Wild About Travel focused on some of the museum’s more colorful specimens.

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