Vroom and Doom: 3.A

Scooter blurred
Vroom and Doom

The sun has set, and your fuel tank is running on fumes when you spy the friendly arc-sodium lights that illuminate an all-night gas station up ahead. Memphis is only a few hours away, but you’re exhausted. After a fill-up, it will be past time to find a secluded patch of ground to stretch out your bedroll.

You begin to pump gas, choosing only the finest grade for Kathy’s delicate combustion. While re-wrapping all of the gear that you were forced to remove in order to access the fuel tank, you allow your gaze to roam around the lot.

Off to the side of the convenience store entrance, out of the light, you spy the unmistakably aggressive styling of a Piaggio MP3. Maybe this rider is on the way to Amerivespa, too!

You’ve almost made up your mind to look for the owner when a brunette woman in a dark leather jacket bursts out of the sliding glass door with an angry gesture. In one hand she waves a manila envelope, while the other is pressing a cell phone up against her cheek.

You edge a bit closer to try and hear what she is talking about. After all you’ve already broken the rules of decency by eavesdropping once today. What harm could it do?

“You tell Jacques that I don’t want fifty percent at ze drive-in! I want all of my cut!”

She pauses, snorting with rage, while the unheard voice on the other end makes a reply.

“Ha! How much do I care for your combination? I could sell zis now to another bidder! Do you hear me? I want all of my money! I do not trust zis Jacques. Ze agreement was for ze entire amount!”

She jabs at a button on the phone, then jams it into her pocket.

The envelope she places into a nylon roll-bag behind the seat. With eyes blazing, she turns and storms back into the store.

You have only a couple of minutes until she returns. Somehow you know you must interfere with the meeting at the Malco Drive-In if you’re to save the Secret of rock ‘n roll.

Make your choice:
You decide to sneak up and grab the envelope before she gets back.

You sneak up and stab her tires with your pocket knife to incapacitate her vehicle.

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