This Week in Scooters: Jan 19-25, 2014

This week got a little heavy, but lots of great information for scooter fans. We shared a story citing how alcohol-related fatalities amongst two-wheel riders are on the rise. Let’s do better.

We went in-depth on how Vespa produces the upcoming Primavera. It’s the first new scooter from Vespa since the 946, and in a lot of ways its the every-day version of that machine.

Another look at safety statistics from RideApart, this story talks about how the things we generally think of in terms of bike safety, such as helmet laws, don’t always directly correlate to a drop in fatalities.

We found a story from Ohio where the state legislature was taking up a vote on extending bicycle-like parking freedoms to all scooters of 150cc or smaller. Smart thinking. No word yet on if the measure, which had already passed the Ohio State Senate, has come up for a floor vote in the House as of yet.

Not everything was stats and laws this week, we shared this video of an attractive young woman cleaning up a vintage scooter. It’s really a tshirt ad, but do we really need an excuse?

We re-shared a post from last year that features a remarkable custom Honda Ruckus: the Cafe Risque. It’s a post people tend to find via the Googles, and we wanted to share it with new ScooterFile readers.

Lastly, we found this story from the WSJ about a small town in Indiana that’s become overrun with 50cc scooters ridden by people who, some of them, are unfit for the road. It’s a perfect example of why 50cc scooters should be registered and licensed just like larger scooters.

Photo credit: Flickr

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