This Week in Scooters: Feb 2-8, 2014

With snow falling on us here in Chicago as I type this, it’s felt like a very indoor week here at ScooterFile. Yet for all the cold weather blah, this week saw some of the most fun content we’ve ever shared.

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Vespa 946: Aluminum Components Close-up

There are a number of things that make the Vespa 946 a remarkable machine. For us, the fact that the 946 is an auto show concept vehicle come-to-life is the most entertaining aspect of the bike, but it’s really in the details that the 946 starts to earn its equally extraordinary price tag of $9,946. In addition to the 946’s mix of hand-assembly and CNC machined components, this scooter features a number of cast aluminum pieces that would be plastic on other Vespa models.

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