The Custom Postie Bikes of Post Modern Motorcycles

The Honda Cub is well known for its worldwide ubiquity. Over the decades, more than 60 Million of them have been sold. One of the longest running and most endearing variations of this rather scooter-like motorcycle is the “Postie” version found in Australia and New Zealand. Melbourne’s Jim Clark of Post Modern Motorcycles has been taking these iconic little bikes and doing something special with them.

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Photos: Craze Custom Cub

The custom scooter scene is really starting to take off around the world. From west coast zoomer-style Honda Ruckus customs, to the perennial slammed maxi-scooters of Tokyo, we’re starting to see more and more custom Honda Cubs and SYM Symbas. Frankly, we couldn’t be happier about it. It’s a great platform with lots of potential.

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