Review: 2014 Stella 125 Automatic First Ride

As we said in our hands-on review, the Stella 125 Automatic from Genuine Scooter Company is a more sophisticated and cleverly-packaged scooter than we expected. This melding of the vintage and the modern is something a lot of scooter fans have been looking forward to for quite some time. With the details examined, it was time for the rubber to literally meet the road.

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India Sees More Women on Scooters for Personal Safety

Here in America, talk of riding a motorcycle or scooter is almost always wrapped up in some discussion of safety. Riding is pretty universally thought of as a dangerous activity here in The States. We think that perception is disproportionate to the relative danger of just life in general, but that’s a different topic. Imagine, however, if riding a scooter was actually a step up in terms of personal safety. That’s what women in India are deciding to do in ever growing numbers. What’s this other danger? It’s pretty sinister.

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Vespa Expands its Presence in Eastern India

Last year, Vespa made its return to India, once one of its largest market. This time, Vespa returned as not a vehicle for the masses, but rather an aspirational brand popular with fashionable youth in India. Even Vespa calls their offerings in India a new “luxury scooter segment.” This according to Piaggio’s managing director in Inida, Ravi Chopra:

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