Video: A visual history of the Vespa

To the unfamiliar eye, all scooters look the same. Yet even just within the Vespa marque, the bikes have evolved over the years. In this terrific animated video, we see the shape of the iconic Vespa change over the years. Created by French creative agency Nomoon, this video shows us nearly 70 years of Vespa history. Take a look.

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Video: Rome by Scooter

For many, their romantic attachment to scooters is tied directly to the root of that very word: Rome. Traveling Italy by scooter is something many scooter fans dream of doing, and thanks to a myriad of tour companies, is something pretty accessible to anyone with the time and the money. For those on the fence, here’s a video tour of what it’s like to see Rome from the back of a scooter.

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