Vespa GTS

Video: How to Ride a Vespa

One YouTuber shows us just how hard one can push a Vespa GTS-250 into a corner and squeeze every last mph out of it on the freeway. While it might not be the way I’d ride MY Vespa, it’s a glimpse into just what Vespa’s big scooter is capable of.

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The Piaggio / Vespa Rumor Roundup

After many years of model stability, Vespa is shaking things up in their lineup. With the 946 now in showrooms, the question is, what next? Our sources say there’s a lot of interesting things in the works.

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An Ingenious DIY Scooter Trailer

An amazing number of people travel on their scooters. The tricky part is how to carry all your gear on such small machines. Well one intrepid home inventor, Pascal Roobrouck of Antwerpen, Belgium built his own cargo trailer for his Vespa GTS.

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