This Week In Scooters: Feb 16-22

It’s been a busy week at ScooterFile HQ, but the news never stops. This week saw some significant editorial content from us, some amazing gallery finds, and yet another key tool that scooter fans can use in making their next scooter purchase decision. Let’s get into the week that was.

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Found: We are the Riders

Photographer Giorgos Legakis has put together a great site called We Are The Riders where he shares candid street photos of people riding their two wheelers. The focus on riders, as opposed to bikes, as the subject of his photos makes for an immediate difference in tone to the scooter photos we’re used to finding and sharing. His site is a rabbit hole of amazing shots taken across Europe. Go and check it out. You’ll be glad you did.

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Photos: Hand Lettered Lammy

I’m seeing this style more and more on the custom motorcycle scene lately. Mostly it’s been on really cool hand-painted leather riding jackets, but occasionally I’ll find it on a motorcycle gas tank. Here we have this distinctive style working really well on a vintage Lambretta. What do you guys thing? Dig it?

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