Kickstart This: Sit Stay Ride 2 – Sidecar Dogs Return

Almost exactly one year ago, we shared the Kickstarter campaign for Sit, Stay, Ride: The Story of America’s Sidecar Dogs, a documentary by Eric Ristau and Geneva Liimatta about people who haul their dogs around in sidecars. I backed the project at the “get a DVD” level, which is what I typically do for things like this, and I was not disappointed. The finished film was as adorable as I’d hoped it would be.

Well Eric and Geneva are at it again. They’re back on Kickstarter to fund a sequel. More sidecars. More dogs. More internet-friendly cute overload. As of this posting, their new campaign is about one-third funded with 10 days to go. If dogs and three wheels are your jam, this movie is for you. For a donation of just $25, the reward is a DVD of the film. Not bad at all.

And like last time, reach out to them and make sure there’s some scooter sidecar representation this time!

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