The Decopods: Streamlined Enclosures for Piaggio Scooters

There was a time when we all imagined a future where transportation was romantic, streamlined and glamorous just by sheer virtue of how awesome our vehicles would be. That future imagined in the late ’50s and early ’60s hasn’t really happened yet, or has it?

Meet Randy Grubb. Randy is a self-described “automotive artist” who seems squarely enamored with the retro-futuristic, art deco stylings of the vehicles “the future” never gave us. His latest creations are squarely scooter-related. He’s created a set of twelve vehicles he’s calling the Decopods. There are two sets of six, and each set is based on a different scooter. The three wheel’d versions are based on Piaggio MP3 250s, and the two wheel’d versions are Piaggio Fly 150s underneath.

Each of these 12 vehicles is a unique interpretation of the Decopod concept, and unfortunately, once all 12 are delivered, Randy doesn’t plan to make any more of them. He’ll be on to other projects.

Randy Grubb and his Decopods were most recently featured on Jay Leno’s Garage, and Jays reaction to the Decopods perfectly mirrors my own. They’re such a great concept, and while I can appreciate Randy’s desire to move on to other works of art, I’m a little disappointed that I won’t be able to just order one of these. Guess I’ll have to build my own.

Tip of the hat to Steve Guzman for sharing the Jay Leno’s Garage episode on Facebook.

Check out the rest of Randy’s amazing builds over at his website.

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