Video: Hot Rod Vespa Gets Payback on Aggressive Motorcycle

When I’m riding anything bigger than a 50cc scooter, I always feel like all the other drivers and riders are underestimating just how fast I’m able to be on such a small, light bike. Out of the box most scooters are surprisingly quick. Take the time and effort to properly trick one out from a performance standpoint, and they get into scary fast territory real quick.

I can only imagine the surprise from this motorcyclist when that Vespa he just passed started to actually keep up, let alone when he got passed by said Vespa 12 o’clock style. I’m not really this kind of rider, but as road payback goes, at least it didn’t go all Road Rash between the two of them.

Hat tip to our pals over at Lanesplitter for finding this video.

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