Samsung and Yamaha Debut “Smart Windshield” Concept

Samsung and Yamaha's "Smart Windshield" display concept
Samsung and Yamaha's "Smart Windshield" display concept

As much as riders of all two-wheeled vehicles deride the rise in distracted driving that’s accompanied the ubiquity of smartphones, GPS, and other devices, we’re not immune to the temptations of these distractions. While automobile makers now pride themselves on cameras, sensors, automatic braking systems, and voice recognition to make cars safer for their occupants, similar tech for scooterists and motorcyclists is still rare.

In Italy — which has high numbers of young, connected riders — the rates of crashes due to distracted riding are particularly high. In response, the Italian divisions of cell phone and display manufacturer Samsung and Yamaha have partnered top create a “smart windshield.” The windshield connects to your phone wirelessly to project incoming messages, texts, and navigation information on a screen just above the scooter’s gauges. The video debuting the windshield features the Yamaha Tricity, their tilting three-wheeled 125cc model available in Asia and Europe.

How smart is the windshield? Aside from delivering information in a consolidated space, the app will automatically reply to texts and calls with an “I am driving, I will call you back as soon as possible” message. This is functionality that already exists through a large number of apps and services for all major smartphone platforms. But if pairing the automated response with an onscreen HUD-like display proves to be more popular and increases safety, we’re all for it.

"Smart Windshield" auto-reply function

“Smart Windshield” auto-reply function

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