Video: Scomadi Turns to Crowdfunding to Accelerate 300cc Model Production

Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, Fund Anything and IndieGoGo let people seek out funding for a wide variety of ventures. Everything from music albums, to feature films, to epic servings of mac & cheese have been successfully funded by the crowd. Now aspiring UK scooter brand Scomadi is turning to the crowd to catalyze production of its most anticipated model: the 300cc.

Scomadi 300

As we reported back in September, Scomadi has already begun production in earnest on their 50cc model. All Scomadi scooters are reproduction Lambretta Series 3 bodies with underpinnings set up to accept modern, twist-and-go Piaggio running gear. The 300cc in particular won the world’s attention at EICMA last year. The appeal is tough to deny. A reliable, easy to ride modern drive-train under classic scooter lines. Others have tried to solve for this equation, some successfully and others not.

It appears that what Scomadi is trying to do via IndiGoGo is raise capitol to ramp up production on this most highly-anticipated model on an accelerated schedule. With a goal of £200,000 (about $315,000 USD), Scomadi wants to go from making a handful of 300s at time to going into full production. In their own words:

Our goal in this is simple – to raise enough funding to put the 300cc into full production and making it available to the masses in quicker time. We are able to make the Scooters in small quantities but with the your help we can make them in the quataties needed and faster too.

Donation perk amounts range from £5 to £29,000 with everything from t-shirts to fully carbon fiber Scomadi 300s available as rewards. If you’re like me, whenever you see a project being crowdfunded, the first question is always “How much do I have to donate to get one of these?” The answer appears to be a £2,500 contribution, plus an additional £5,500 on delivery of the bike. In USD, that’s about $12,500 total in return for a “Signature Series” Scomadi 300 to be delivered this time next year.

It seems like a missed opportunity not to let people contribute an amount that would qualify as a premium price pre-order of a regular Scomadi 300. Were I seriously in the market for one of these, that’d be my magic number.

Scomadi 300

Now as ubiquitous as crowdfunding has become these days, it seems that no matter the project, certain people go out of their way to talk about why that particular project isn’t worthy of crowdfunding — as though only certain projects are legitimate, and everything else is some form of pan-handling. So of course people have stepped up to both support and lambast Scomadi for turning to the crowd for this latest venture. Given that there are investment levels that will result (if you choose to participate at that level) in you taking a Scomadi 300 home with you, what’s the problem? If a brand new Scomadi in the showroom were $12,500, that price either works for me or it doesn’t. That’s how the market works, and in my opinion, it’s perfectly fine to ask.

Time will tell if Scomadi can drum up enough public support to meet their funding goal. In the meantime, we’ll be keeping our eye on their progress. Perhaps they’ll spin up a separate crowdfunding effort to help establish a USA dealer network.

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