Video: First hand account. Safety gear works.

Fair warning, there is some NSFW language in this video.

For some people, riding safety is a sensitive subject. While I understand that people want to make their own choices in regards to the risks they take, the benefits of wearing protective riding gear are pretty compelling. In this video, Lance Campeau recounts his own experience of dumping his two-wheeler and how his dorky, uncomfortable safety gear saved him from serious injury. Everybody has their own level of protection that they ride with, whether it’s ATGATT or ABATE, but I think that Lance’s story here illustrates a deeper reality of road safety that goes beyond what you plan for. It’s the riding equivalent of the Mike Tyson quote: “Everybody has a plan until they get hit in the face.” When it comes to riding safety, there’s always that unknown factor. I know that for me personally, I’m not wearing safety gear because I have doubts about my own riding abilities, but rather for all those unknown factors — that patch of oil or gravel, or that car that didn’t see me.

How about you? Do you suit up? Or are you more of a “que sera sera” kind of rider?

Via: Scooter Diva

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