Video: Resurrecting a Ruckus

The following is the summary provided by the filmmaker:

Designer Jeff Staple, founder of Staple Design and Reed Space in New York City, regularly made his way around Manhattan on his trusted 2002 Honda Ruckus scooter—until last year when, according to Jeff, the scooter went “completely kaput.” The scooter was subsequently parked inside Reed Space and, over time, became a permanent fixture in the innovative boutique.

When the lack of two-wheeled transportation left a marked void within the designer, it was time to bring his trusted steed back to life. True to Staple form, instead of arranging simple repair work, he made the call to Cycle World and some friends in Los Angeles and set a plan in motion to have his tired ride rebuilt, bolt by bolt, from the ground up. This is the Staple Ruckus.

The Staple Ruckus was built to Jeff’s vision and design specs, which included large knobby tires for the unforgiving NYC roads, a high-performance 66cc sports-kitted engine, Yoshimura R&D exhaust, a clean luggage rack for storage complete with Yoshida & Co. Porter luggage, larger hydraulic disc brake up front, and the signature Jeff Staple Pigeon colorway. Once completed, the ruckus was brought back to Reed Space for its maiden voyage with Staple at the helm. “I almost forgot how much fun it was to ride a Ruckus,” Staple commented as he recalled the excitement he felt when he first rode the Ruckus around the city.”

In celebration of the resurrected machine, Cycle World and Staple Design threw an unveil party on Sunday, June 22, 2014, at Reed Space in New York City. “Anytime we can help someone get back on two wheels, we want to help” said Associate Publisher, Marketing for Bonnier Motorcycle Group Garrett Kai. “The joy of riding is what we all live for at Cycle World, and we are pumped that we could help Jeff with the rebuild of his Ruckus.”

Look for the Staple Ruckus on display at Reed Space or zooming through the busy streets of New York the next time you are in the city.

Source: Vimeo

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