AACA Museum Features “Motorbikes for the Masses”

While the AACA (The Antique Automobile Club of America) is perhaps not the first association that comes to mind when you think about mopeds and scooters. Yet this month, the AACA museum in Hershey, PA has put together a special exhibit just for small two-wheelers. Called “Motorbikes for the Masses”, this new exhibit turns an eye toward those small bikes that have moved people around for nearly a century.

Inexpensive, reliable, easy to maneuver and park transportation for a crowded urban area. This is where motorbikes, scooters, and mopeds really shine compared to ‘traditional’ motorcycles. The AACA Museum honors these often under-appreciated and sometimes ridiculed machines with its new exhibit, “Motorbikes for the Masses”.

The full exhibit list includes:

1948 Whizzer Pacemaker
1955 Rixe moped
1956 Cushman model 62 scooter
1956 Miele Deluxe moped
1957 Lambretta Lambro
1957 TWN Contessa scooter
1959 Allstate Scooter
1959 Cazenave moped
1959 Zundapp Bella R154 scooter
1959 Simson KR50 scooter
1960 IWL Berlin SR59 scooter
1960 Peugeot model BB104 moped
1960 Riverside AV76 moped
1962 Aermacci M-50 Harley Davidson
1962 Motokov Cezeta 502 scooter & trailer
1964 Allstate Puch MS-50 moped
1964 Heinkel Tourist scooter
1965 Lambretta J100 ‘Cento’ scooter
1966 Honda P50 moped
1969 Lambretta Cometa
1970 Jawa model 21 scooter
1970 Honda Trail 70 minibike
1977 Vespa Rally 200
1978 Puch Newport moped
1979 Honda Dax minibike
1980 Puch Maxi-Luxe moped

It’s great to see small two-wheelers and scooters get a special exhibit. Take a look at the list. What would you include in your own scooter exhibit? What bike from the past is at the top of your wish list?

Source: AACA

Tip of the hat to Scooternova.

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